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Wednesday, November 18, 2009 | 5:56 PM | 0 comments

SUCK IT UP by Brian Meehl

Morning McCobb is a vampire. No seriously. He is. No one believes him either, not at first.Morning is the first vampire to come out. He's a Leaguer. A Leaguer is a vampire that doesn't follow the old rules--killing humans. In fact, Morning has never had human or animal blood. Nope. He only drinks blood made from soy products. He's the perfect spokesperson for the International Vampire League (or IVL for short).Then things just get complicated. Morning demonstrates his vampire abilities on television across the nation, and he becomes a target for the Loners, or old type of vampires. Not to mention, his publicist's daughter is very attractive, and he begins to crave her blood. In order for humans to accept the Leaguers into their society, they have to be convinced of their safety. Can Morning resist temptation and escape the plotting of the Loners as well?

but...i think a true..VAMPIRE..
don't drinks blood from soy product..
what a funny story rite..
gotta keep reading it..
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