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Wednesday, February 17, 2010 | 9:55 AM | 0 comments
Last night (15.02.10) i slept a bit better, but we are no way near 100%. We decided that we needed to get out and have a walk around Kuala Lumpur.

We headed out at about noon after enjoying toast, and 'tapau' some pizza that my mom made. Our first stop off was at the Petronas Towers. We were surprised that the bridge between the two towers was only a third of the way up!! Bit boring really.
The photo's make the towers look like some sort of evil Wizards towers. A black cloud passed overhead just as I took the photo's - looks really spooky. The day was very hot though, so it was all a bit confusing.about 38 degree celcius...and my little brother main kat playgroud..

We started feeling a bit rough already, and hungry, but we still don't really have an appetite - 'sebab ingatkan nak round dalam Suria KLCC only'.. On the way to the mosque...bcoz it was 'Maghrib'...we succumbed to a burger for 'alas perut'.damn hungry..LOL.
With our appetites being shot, it was the only thing we actually fancied. We really enjoyed it - and didn't throw it back up.
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