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TITLE --> a day to remember indeed :)
Friday, March 2, 2012 | 7:56 AM | 0 comments
2nd March 2012

i get to meet and greet the Joe Brooks Trio in person..
in PERSON people! i get the opportunity to talk, chat and get his autograph.
OMG. !! :D *screeeaammmm*

actually... everyone start asking me. how in the world i won or bought the tix
to Meet & Greet.
i was like.. eerrr. chill people. *berlagak pulak*
hehe. sorry.

actually .. they've said.. who have purchased or won or having the concert tix..
they are actually can win themselves the M&G passes.
they'll choose 15 people RANDOMLY on facebook.
i was hoping to win .. *who doesnt. rite?*
btw.. i was almost giving up already.
because on that week *the week i won the tix* ..
im having lotsa lotsa test.
back to back. so i wasnt thinking too much about this concert actually.
but on that Thursday night (1st March ).. while i was "studying" Calculus..
i accidentally go online. hehehe. :P
then.. i went to Joe Brooks Event concert page.
while i was scrolling down the pages.
i saw this. (!)

so.. i checked my email. and fb inbox..

and it stated that i just WON the meet and greet :D

from studying .. i quickly stop calculating my Calculus.
damn shocked and surprised..
i was "menggigil" and cant believe what i saw.
so that was the full story. :)


and so on the 2nd March ..
th story goes on.. when i took Calculus test EARLIER than anyone else..
and its all because of JOE BROOKS :')

i did my test for an hour. from 10:20-11:20am
and on THAT day..
i have to be in KL to meet joe2.
OMG. what a day. D:
so tiring. i packed my bags.
and then im off to jetty to get my bus tix.
my bus "gerak" at 1:30pm

i arrived in KL around 6pm.
daddy pick me up.
when i arrived home.
i rushed to get ready..
it was rained heavily that night.
but still i get to pujuk mummy and daddy to send us to
SEGI COLLEGE in Subang :)
we arrived there around 8.30pm.
checked my name on the list.

then we are allowed to enter the HALL :D


HERE are some of the pictures. :')

getting the autograph from Matt

took a pic with Clinton :D

and of course one and ONLY JOE BROOKS :')

and i get to hug him :D OMGeeee!

ima happy girl. he just make my day even happier !

Aishah with him. OMG. OVER la pulak die pelok. -.-'

Aishah with Clinton and Matt

JOE BROOKS in baju melayu :')

the crowd that night.

Joe2 is busy taking pics with the fans :D


that girl who gave Joe Brooks that baju melayu and sampin :)

awwww. so cute!

the autographss we get. :D

i demand this pic .. at first they didnt allowed us to take pic together. -.-'

he really looked DAMN CUTE with baju melayu :')

at the lobby.

outside the hall of M&G . :)

he actually looked at me. :')

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