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TITLE --> school holiday almost end..
Saturday, February 20, 2010 | 11:32 AM | 0 comments
we went to P.Dickson last Thursday...and it was early
in the morning...5 am.. ~ still sleepy ~

We arrived around 8.00 am int he morning..
lambat sikit coz...stop by kat RnR.. =]..
the journey took about 2 hours least..

then...we park our car at the nearest jeti..
eventhough takde boat or somethin'..still it is a jeti..

and i take a walk...kat tepi2 pantai..


....Rested for a while in the room blasting the air-con at 16 degree
and watching Astro.. ...~ x byk channel ...cuma ade disney,HBO
and Vission 4... ~ haha.. this is what i call boring!!..but ok lowr..

----------------------------------------------------------------------------- the evening.. we went for a swim kat pantai.. ..
there are lots of people came after that...
so i've only got to swim for a bout an hour! ..
and i took some pic..

almost 7.00 pm.. ~ sunset ~

my lil bro... ~ jump ~

and my ' kaki ' ..


and i did some grafitti on the sand !! hahha.. =]

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