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TITLE --> had a blast yesterday..♥
Thursday, September 16, 2010 | 8:03 AM | 0 comments

First ..i went to Iddin's house....around 1:40pm...yg dkat belakang umah jer..*lol..
then i ate his 'nasi impit with kuah kacang'..that was AWESOME..yummy..;p...
pas2 went back to my house..coz nk ready for all the 'rombongan'..gggrrrr..
'my bro ' called..he said " cepatla..dh ade org nie dtg...sadrina dah dtg..!!"..
then i said.." tgh mkn nih"...haiisshh..
with my not-so-called-twinz...WE balik with our high heels (it was my 1st time) ;p ..
n chow balik umah (jalan kaki)..

then 2:30pm...all the 'rombongans' dtg group by group...
1st group was all the 'yawwwss' ♥ ~muni,fara,syaza,liyana~..hhahaha.. c:

...followed by rombongan.. ( dina,fatimah,shu,dayah,piqa,nora,nana)....and the GUYS.. ~aiman,iddin,amir,ikram,zaheen,adam~...

then..Wawa dtg..dah lame x jmpe..;p..and amal + her cousin (hanim) pon dtang..
hanisah dtg all the way from her kampong..n trus dtg tu my house..haha..thax..n l8r amnas,alya n hazirah....♥

then all the "korean addicts" came..haha..
thax Puan Shing Ye, Yee Hsin Ye,Lim Jia Ling,Yip Sze Yuen..;p

around 4.oopm we had a SURPRISE n small b'day party for amnas..its her 17th B'day..
we planned on that day actually..but everything went well.. ;)

Happy Birthday to u AMNAS

our MENU yesterday was mee kuah,lemang n ketupat with AYAM rendang..
n all the buahs n kueh rye..THAT my mom and i buat..kekek ;p
n on THAT morning me,aishah n my bro buat cupcakes..♥

thax for coming ...♥ u guys..
then...pkol..5.30pm kot..FB-ing thru OM jap..thru my bro's hp.. :p

pas2 si Muni ni cbok jer..die paling awal dtg..n she is the last person yg balek..
bknnye balik pon...stay until..6 smthing..pas2 we went to tuition Mr.Pang..
( with da same baju)...smelly gle..hahaha..;p..
n i told my mom to 'tapau' some AYAM rendang for Mr.Pang..
tgk teacher..mariyam nih..she is such a caring student..♥
she 'kept' her promise..hahah..

after..WE solat asar...then my dad sent US to tuition..
dahla..ade org tuh x bwk anything pon..'pemalas' ! ;p..
but i had a gr8 time with u all.. leg was like..'SAKIT GILE'..n my eyes was like ..'NGANTOK GILE'..
but it was fun... ;p
....around 30 people came ..gud2. :p ..thax again for coming

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