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Wednesday, May 2, 2012 | 10:11 AM | 0 comments

my 1st time ever ride a rollercoaster :D 
with the UiTMsss 

i went there via LRT. to KL Sentral then we gathered there.
and took KL Monorail straight to Jalan imbi. *where Times Square is* :)

we took pic at the escalator!

train. *bdk kecik pon tape la* :P

my face. -.- OMG.

chhooooot chooooot!

this happened when you rode to much. HAHA. 
trah muke pucat nk mampos. :D

bumper car. my FAVOURITE part! :D

crazy bus!

si comel kecik. 

hammer :D


peace yaw!

awesome :D

sayang korang. 
had lotsa fun with dayah, trah, bibah and hanis :) <3

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