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TITLE --> School hunt!
Friday, May 18, 2012 | 8:41 AM | 0 comments

so yesterday.. so yesterday.. :D
we went to OUR school. 
to take our 1119 cert. and meet our beloved teachers.

breakfast at al-safa :)

arrived at school.

Aishah baked a cake for the teachers. :')

Ain and Hazz

Amal and Hanisah

Shu with a BIG smile on her face

Hazz the comels.

with Pn Hasnida and Pn Faizah :)

with Pn. Rohani

the gorgeoussss :') 

smile :)

Hazz still comels.

drama. Shu and Piqa :D


Then we headed to Groupbase to have our lunch :)

Piqa's lunch.

hungry much?

done. licin pinggan :D

Shu with Athiera

Shu, Aishah and Thuraiya

end of school doesnt mean the end of friendship. this is the BEGINNING of our chapter in life. because of them our life is even more brighter day by day. and i hope this FRIENDSHIP will last forver. :) xx - M

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