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TITLE --> i'm home babeeyyhh !
Thursday, April 11, 2013 | 11:32 PM | 0 comments

im done with sem4. 

on 11th of April which is today.
headed back to BSD :')

it was raining heavily on my way here.

i snap few random stuff. i was bored. lolz
it was so damn cold in that bus.

i depart from Penang around 12pm. 
arrived at 4.30pm. 
Mama pick me up. heeeee. 
i'm glad to be home. i miss everyone here. 
BSD. family. and friends. 

now. gonna start thinking whether i wanna work this sem break or not.
and REGISTER my muet online. *reminder* :)

thats for now i think. cant think much since i abandoned my bloggie when finals start.
hehe. sorrry.
till we meet again. 


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