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Saturday, December 29, 2012 | 11:22 AM | 0 comments

2 days till 2012 ends...

through out 2012. this is what i did some how. 

  1.  i deactivated twitter 2 times this year. a very bad year i think.
  2.  been home and away to Penang on and off of course.
  3.  3 sems this year. my 2nd sem..3rd sem and my 4th sem now
  4.  my 19th birthday.. i've been splash with a weeping cream all over my body. and i got 3 cakes that  day. :) 
  5. SNMK's bday. i made a video for the 2nd time
  6. i won tix to meet and greet Joe Brooks live. and went to see his concert the next day. ;)
  7. obsessed with Justin Bieber's Boyfriend. been listening to it like everysecs. coz hes sexy manly voice. 
  8. my babiesss bday :) Jesse McCartney and Gerard Way
  9. my lil bor got his PMR's result. 8A's 
  10. Syafiqah's 19th Bday 
  11. went to see the Avengers 3D at Taiping with ze familia.
  12. gathering 1.0 with ze old frens.
  13. went to Istana Negara exhibiton with family
  14. my first oversea's trip to Singapore
  15. bought Justin Bieber's BELIEVE :)
  16. BUSY with all the test for sem3
  17. Ramadhan and terawikh
  18. Eid Mubarak
  19. my first smartphone : Sony Xperia Neo L.
  20. SEND Hazirah, Amnas and Timah at KLIA *Egypt*
  21. Finals sem3
  22. Ronggeng Jitra with Nad and Wawa
  23. Eid Adha
  24. discover new band boy ----> LAWSON :D
  25. listened to Little Things for 234234356 times
  26. i love you to the moon and back
  27. a day out with ze girls. *Silent Hill*
  28. watch and download Malay movies
  29. watched Breaking Dawn Part II 
  30. bought 1D's album.. Take Me Home
  31. went to LEGOLAND and Indonesia *Batam Island*
  32. sem4 starts
  33. a new life begins with 2013 insha allah :)

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