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Friday, November 23, 2012 | 3:41 PM | 0 comments

13th NOVEMBER 2012

actually.. we booked the tix a week earlier.. so we got 25% off for each tix. yeay
off to Johor on Monday evening.. and arrived of course at night..
we fetch Aishah first from her hostel, Perwira *UTHM*..
then we headed to Tok Cik's house..

and the next dayyy..
we packed our things..
Legoland .. here we go.. haha ! :D
we went there around 9am.. after breakfast..
Legoland usually opens at 10am.. :)

Heellloooooooo *echo echo*

yusof, me and aishah :)

the first game we played..  

pening gilaaaa. serious.. :O

snap a pic with the legoosss :D

Lego Castle

mama and ahmad at the Imagination ..

we rode the dragon lego  rollercoasterrr.. wee~~ and its raining when we ride in..

que-ing for another ride..
*muka sume penat da* :D


Our lunch.. Italian Pizza with iced lemon tea :)

parrot build by lego.


then we headed to a "NOW SHOWING" building..
there was a special show.. by the "lego man" i guess..
haha. im not sure what to call them. :P

then..we took a few pic with the crewwss..
the smallest lego man we met :D

and this one was the tallest. he is really tall. and he's funny :D

ahmad rode the lego car :D

teringin jugak.. tapi kaki panjang sgt smpai tk muat. -.-'

thats all for LEGOLAND. 
thank you :D 

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