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TITLE --> a day out with ze girls.
Friday, November 2, 2012 | 1:40 PM | 0 comments

31 Oct 2012

ze driver of the day were Hanisah and Ain. ;) *yeay*

so. we went out and hangout at OneUtama
*OUR favourite place. which BSD-ians fav place too i think. haha :P*
and we decided to watch 'Silent Hill'


remember Alessa? 
OMG. i hate this movie. it scared me to death.
i kept on screaming in the cinema. lol -.-'

ok done with the movies..
we had our lunch at Dave's Deli ;)

after lunch. solat. then off to find a gift for our dear Airina :)

off to KPJ Damansara Specialist

is at Dsara Specialist. visiting Airina. 
she just had a major operation on 30th oct,
we hope you'll get well soon. :(
i miss you Airina. :) xx
take care. 
i love you.

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