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TITLE --> Ronggeng to Jitra, Kedah :)
Monday, October 22, 2012 | 11:01 AM | 0 comments

done with finals. :D 
i really hope i'll pass all subjects this sem. InsyaAllah. Amin.


ok.  my last paper was on the 13th October.
me and wawa decided to "ronggeng" to Jitra, which is Nad's hometown. :)
so.. on the next day after we finished our last paper, on the 14th October..
we took a bus from Penang to Jitraaaaa. :D

ARRIVED in Jitra. :) at Nad's hs

mempelam timeee ! :D *makan je keje*


having fun eating those mempelams at nad's hs.

we went to see nad's mom buat kerepek pisang :)

Our FIRST DAY at Jitra. Ronggeenngg. Nad drove us to D'Aman Park.

arrived. and we decided to take a walk and wanna try to paddle the "swannss".




swag with the life jacket ! HAHA . 


rainbow. !

at pasar malam .. 

end of day 1. 


DAY 2 of Ronggeng ! 

mata wawa kene charlie rasenyeee. sian waaa. :/


at ze Aneka Mall. :D

lunch time ! 


waiting for our order. :) #lunch

after lunch .. we headed to KANGAR and ARAU  ! :D 

welcome to KANGAR. !
took a loonggg stroll here then headed to UiTM Arau, Perlis. 

meet AIMI. wawa's fren at UiTM Arau :)
they haven't see each other since result SPM came out. 

snap snap at the escalator. heheh


 Done round2. On our way back to Jitra.

Goodbye Perlis. see youu soon. :)


3rd Day of Ronggeng. Our LAST day in JITRA. *sob sob*







OUR dinner for tonite. homemade ikan bakar. yuummss.

and that was OUR last day in Jitra.

Back to Penang yaw ! here we go. it has been loadsa memories in Jitra.
InsyaAllah we'll be back soon :)

i love you both Nadzirah and Wawa :) xx

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