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TITLE --> Ramadhan :')
Monday, July 23, 2012 | 11:38 PM | 0 comments

Of Coursseeeeeee :D 

it has been 3days we've been fasting now.
last saturday.. i went to my mak tok's hs aka my kampung :)
my lil bro from MRSM Taiping was there too.
so .. we celebrated our first Ramadhan with maktok , oya and cik mimi.


quite sad i cant go back home.
i miss mama and daddy :'(
nvm.. at least they are all in my heart. #always :')

4th night of terawikh. #Alhamdulillah :)
and InsyaAllah we'll collect 'pahala' as much as we could this Ramadhan. Amin.

and while i watch Punk'd. 
i saw this. and #FML i cant watch it . -.-'

while i was at kampung. i watch Giuliana & Bill Marathon. hewehw :3

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