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Wednesday, June 6, 2012 | 9:04 AM | 0 comments

there you go. 
school holidays for 2 weeks. last mins planned.
my mom took us to the Immigration to make our passport.
because we are going on vacation to Johor and Singapore ! :D

OK. enough already. our trip starts on Friday. the 1st page of June 2012. :)
what a great day to start with. we travelled from KL to Johor. 
and it took about 6 hours.a loooooong journey indeed. until my legs were cramped. -.-'
like seriously. but it was an awesome journey i'd say. :)

and because of the last mins planned. my mom told our uncle to try book a hotel for us.
but unfortunately. there was NO free rooms already. since it was a school holidays aite?
so.. mama said we stayed at Tok Cik's house. located in Skudai. 

we arrived in Johor it was around 11pm. 
and our Friday basically we spent it on highways. haha. :P

otw to Woodlands. at the bridge. 

arrived in Bugis Village

hunt for food. we saw this.
MEE REBUS = $3.50 -.-'
nvm.. asal halal. we eat :)

MRT Station

inside the MRT. 

subway at the Orchard Rd.

eerrr. :P

the crowd. and the branded outletssss.

then we search for a mosque to pray. located near the PARAGON mall.

Tok Cik's family. thank you for having us here. :)
thank you for evertything.

 otw back to KL, we stop by JPO ( Johor Premium Outlet )
shopping ! :)

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