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TITLE --> Istana Negara
Wednesday, May 30, 2012 | 9:55 AM | 0 comments


Exhibition at Istana Negara :)

mak tok and oya came all the way from Penang just to see this exhibition
it was held in *Istana Negara* obviously . haha
we went there around 11pm. convoy-ing with Auntie G and Tok Tie. :P

as we can see. theres a loadsa of car here. even you can see a bus behind yusof and aishah.
once in a lifetime experience i tell you.
entering a palace yaw. :P 

well. we have to park at the side of the highway. 
because thats the only place we can park. at the moment.

the crowd.

outside the Palace. 


"balairung seri"

the boys. my lil bro and my lil cousins. L.Harith :)


listening to music? no. listening to the historical story about the sultans. 

a wanna be Sultan L.Harith 

Sultan Mariyam

Sultan Yusof

Sultan Aishah

Sultan Ahmad

end of exhibition. :) hewhew

0 comment here ! :)

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