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Thursday, May 24, 2012 | 11:37 AM | 0 comments

23rd of May. 
the day we went to FRIM. :)
had loadsa fun fun fun. 
i'll keep these memories as my most secret place in my heart :')
evento Airina and Amnas couldn't come but they are always there with us. 
i really wish they were there with us :'(


we started our day with Shu's brekkie :D
egg sandwich. thax Shu!

and 'the WALK' to the 'canopy walk' starts :)

my face. i just cant. :O 

half way thru. #tired

the faces. :')

after CLIMB up the hill. now we start our CANOPY WALK. -.-'

but we weren't there yet. .. still climbing up. 

my face before THAT MOMENT of disaster. still smiling. HAHA

FINALLY. we've reached the CANOPY WALK. 
everyone are freaking exhausted at the moment. cant even talk. 

we are holding the coupons tix for the canopy walk. :)

weeee~ i DID it . am not scared of height. lol *yeah rite*


then after finish our canopy walk.
 we took a walk a little faster than when we're climbing just now to grab our lunch :D
NASI LEMAK that i cooked with mama. :)

and for desert. 

syafiqah's LASAGNA . homemade. yum yum.

OMG. i cant even. this photo i just LOVE it. :)

 after having our lunch.
its MANDI time :)

Hazirah's Batik Cake after we had our mandi sungai :P lol

after ate Batik's Cake. we packed our things and change our wet clothes.

a unique butterfly 

after changed our clothes. we went somewhere to have a lil chitchat and play games.

and there was one 'pondok' we've found. :)


laugh. smile. love.

Dayah's capture. nice one. :)

them. the one who didn't wanna join with us play the MONOPOLY. -.-

LAST capture in FRIM :')

i had loadsa fun today. i hope this friendship will last forever. i love you guys so much. :)

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