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TITLE --> Paradigm Mall.
Saturday, July 28, 2012 | 9:51 PM | 0 comments

first time.

went to Paradigm Mall today with mama, aishah and ahmad *my lil bro*
my dad.. tk larat nk ikot. 
shopping en? he dislike shopping. haha :P

but the weirdest thing ever. bole plak dance tgh2 ni time puasa. -.-' 
buat dosa je tgk. heeehhh.

while we wandering around the mall. we saw this !!! 

OMG. its Justin Bieber's fragrance. #SOMEDAY
i tested it. and it so fragrantly nice. i love the smell.
but it was quite expensive.
but the promoter said.. if you buy one. you'll get a free poster of him and a bag. 
*maybe with a pic of him* *screeeeaaaam* lol
but not now. maybe i'll save it for later.


in the evening, i went to Baazar Ramadhan in BSD. 
and i bought this ! #MyFavourite :3


Alhamdulillah. 8th day of fasting. :) 

0 comment here ! :)

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