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TITLE --> KLIA ---> Egypt
Monday, October 22, 2012 | 8:22 AM | 0 comments

OUR journey to KLIA. 
it was a surprise. 
they taught we couldn't be there.
but after loadsaaaa things settled... we managed to be there. 
hehehe. :)


we were at mcD before the surprise happen. 


with Zaheen


with Hazz


With Amir and Dina


with ze Palamsss


with Amnas


    me with both Alexandriansss                                                                      Hazz comel. haha


Hazz and her family                                                                    Alya & Amnas


peace yaw. 


borak2. :D




enjoy the vids.
my journey and Airina to KLIA :)

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