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Friday, November 9, 2012 | 4:39 PM | 0 comments

8 November 2012
Hari Anugerah Kecemerlangan SKBSD1 2012

Proud to be there at my old primary school. :')
loadsaaaa memories i had in that school.
maybe some of the teachers might remember about me and maybe not.
here i am once again..
im here with my parents for my lil bro's.. he is in standard 6.
his days in primary school almost ended.
the event start around 8.30am.

the event was started off with ze wakil pelajar/ketua pengawas speech
which was by my lil bro. :') #proud

then the trophy and the cert ceremonies begins.
* i snap when my lil bro come on stage je kay * hhehe

there you go.
he is accepting the Anugerah Ketua Murid 2012

with mama

and now they are lining up for anugerah for ze prefectss. 
he of course as the ketua pengawas was the first one will come on stage ..and later on the naib KP. :)

THE BFFss. Qimi, Ahmad, and Fazmeer :)

and while waiting for ze next categories..
i saw this.
lol. since when SKBSD1 ade PRS and Pengawas Sukan.
#impressive. my time tade pon. haishh. 
everyhting has changed in this few years. 
and it was like 7years ago. OMG. im that old now. HAHA :D

next ..

accepting his cert as the Head Prefect.

and this is for the Anugerah Tokoh Kepimpinan SKBSD1 2012 :') 
he was accompied by my parents on stage.

ok. saya nmpak GEMOK . -.-'

Congratulations dear lil bro. :') proud of you. 
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