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TITLE --> irreplaceable :)
Wednesday, May 1, 2013 | 11:41 AM | 0 comments
here are some pictures when we were at e@curve :)
we watched THE HOST. apparently we dont even know what kind of movie it was until..
yeah..until we've seen 'em.
the storyline was quite interesting was an adaption from one of Stephanie Mayor's novel.
which everyone knows she created the TWILIGHT SAGA series :)
and the thing get more interesting when the actorsss were quiet charming and sexaayyhh. haha :3
ok. move on...

later on.. after the movie then we went to KARAOKEEEEE babeeyhh :D
hahah. it was quite cheap i think ..
RM15/person.. but RM70 for 7peeps. 
and you can sing as many song as you like.
melalak la ktrg ni haaaaa. .. hahahha :D well ..girlsssss..

and now.. these are a few pics taken last Ours Cafe, BSD. 
A last min plan.. we gather and have a lil chit chat. 
and after a loonggg  lonnnggg time i havent drive.. that was the first time after my sem break.
i actually drove to that Cafe. hahah. my driving skills was okayyy. haha. :P

ok. but i really wish Amnas, Hazirah *they both are in Egypt right now. studying Dentistry* were there too :'(
and Piqa, Ain, Hanim and as well as my twin.. Aishah.. *she's in UTHM* ..
wish all of them was there. 
but nevermind.. one day..
i hope we could all make a BIG gathering somewhere. 
a REUNIOONNNN sounds good. heheh. :)

they are irreplaceable indeed :)
high school's best friend are meant forever i'd say. 
they are always there to support you no matter what happened. 
trust me. :D thank you for everything.
 i miss each and every one of you. :(

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