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Friday, March 19, 2010 | 10:01 AM | 0 comments
again..on our way to Kuantan....
we saw black Lamborghini..(last time..white ones..=] )..
coz we stop by at nearest R & R..

we take a walk in Teluk Cempedak.....
about 2km away from our hotel...VISTANA

and my brother and I had a fight..
coz..we wanna took the pic...
but at last we set a timer..

2nd day....
....Rested for a while in the room blasting the air-con at 16 degree
and watching Astro.. ..we watched Quantum of Solace..( Star Movie )..
they had only Disney, star movie... and
sports channel..and MTV !!!

the remote control is MINE..
coz..i wanna watch MTV ..
i've seen Justin Bieber ft Ludacris-Baby..about 3 times..
mane tak nye..
'every 10 min je asyik tukar channel nih..'

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