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TITLE --> Jammed like HELL :O
Sunday, February 6, 2011 | 10:55 PM | 0 comments
Today lunch around 11am.. and getting readyto Melaka yawwww .. :P
pack things up.. food.. minerals.. cloths with all the hangers.. :| ..
heading to MRSM Alor Gajah, Melaka..

texting is the best!! :D i mean text with madu
WE both on OUR way to send our lil bros to their MRSM.. :)
the highway heading to Melaka or Johor.. x jammed sangt..but
on the other side of the road..heading to KL ..was like..
WHAT!!! :O jammed gile! ..

WE arrived around 4pm kott... :) then ..we rest..chill2.. makan jap..
then the drama begins..mmmwwwuuhhahhaha..
the crying parts... :)
mane ade la.. boys = no crying la..
so.. mama give him pocket money.. mine.. takde pon :(
salam2.. then we waved goodbye to him..
this time he said to me.. " tak pernah rse bangge nk balik MRSM" ..
because HE got a new mp3 player... ppffftttt...
jangan kasi hilang sudah.. :D

then WE start heading back to KL :) home sweet home..
baru keluar je dah jammed!! ggaaahhh!!
started our journey back at 3pm..
sampai.. guess what time!!
its 8.30 pm.. lol .. :O 5 hrs in the car like @#@$#%$^$%^..
dizzy + wanna puke + hot sunny day eventho there was an air-con in this car.. :S
but we arrived safely.. alhamdullillah.. :)

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