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TITLE --> Alhamdulillah :)
Monday, October 31, 2011 | 12:51 PM | 0 comments

Alhamdulilah.. i passed my 're-test' road today.
i went there to the office by 7am. tumpang Hazirah's dad. with Hyundai Starrex. :)
thank you.
we went there and waited about 5-10mins..
Cikgu Mat arrived with his van and picked us up.
i was so nervous back then.



the journey from the office to the center was around 15mins.
we arrived there quite early.
first batch. then cikgu Mat asked us to check our name on
the list name at the notice board.


suddenly. i saw my name.. my name was at the first session.
8.30am and i was candidate no.2.
it was kinda early actually.
they JPJ guy told us to line up and register ourselves.
after everything settle...
we went to sit at the given place according to our name list.
and im second.


the JPJ guy called me.
i can start now.
i was like. OMG!!!!
breath in breath out. breath in breath out. breath in breath out.


i start my engine and start checking all those things.

everything goes smooth and fine.

then i went back to the center safely. :)

i got 19/20. alhamdulillah.
im so grateful to Allah S.W.T , my parents and friends.
thank you for everything.


so .. i'll get my P license soon. :)
yeay. happy. weeeeeeeeeeee~~

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