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TITLE --> HELLOOOOO *echo echo*
Wednesday, July 20, 2011 | 11:04 AM | 0 comments

first thing first. HELLO.
long time no see my BLOGGIEs :)
dah berwebbie spider da kat sini..
sorry.. dont have time to update it..
it has beeeeeen ..
errrrrrrrmmm.... 2MONTHS since my last up
LOL :O lame gile weyhhhh!

ok.. btw..
within this 2months time..
i havent change at ALL. kottt laa..
i still am WAN MARIYAM. yg cool :)
just i am now a MAHASISWI UiTM. haha.
and idk why. terase bangge jdi anak melayu.
..... actually.. i dont know what to write la..
*blank jap*


oh yeah PENANG?
HOW WAS IT eerrr?
it was okayyhhh! . i mean AWESOME!
da la i dapat sme ngn Munirah and Fara..
then ade AQIL nad Aznil Aizat Gull.
HAHA. BSD-rians rox! :D

ni view from my katil :)

we do hang out sometimes. but me and FARA .. #allthetime :)
Muni.. die BUSY ngn HARIMAU MALAYA. -.-

UiTM Penang ..


if nk story from day 1 memang tak la.. -.-
just a quick summary.. :)

first week. MDS like HELL. :'(
benci benci.
2nd week and so on.. class start as usual.

time MDS.



with my lab coat. -.-

dlm class :)


on thursay.. my schedule PACK gile..
ade class at perda..
havta naek bus nk pergi.. :)

then ade KOKO! -.-
i took part in KESATRIA NEGARA. / Rootu

from 5pm till 7pm.
hadoooiihh.. tiring day ot!

lucky i tade class malam.. :) #lega


then the days went on and on..
same je..
weekends.. if tade pape..
we went out for a walk. HAHA.
kaaaaaan? Muni, Fara? :P


my rooomiieesss :)

ni view time nk sunset kott.. :P


on 15th of JULY! nite.
we went back to KL. by TRAIN.
chuuuu.. chuuu... chuuu... :)
but i think we gerak.. it was a bit late ..
suppose @11pm.. but we daprted around 11.45pm..
arrived safely @sungai buloh station.. @8am :)
uncle KAMARUZAMAN pick us up.

BSD i just HEART you!

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