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TITLE --> Pangkor Island
Tuesday, March 22, 2011 | 12:05 AM | 0 comments

yesterday Bukit Merah.. today.. we arrived in Lumut..
we stayed for one day here..
and decided to go to Pangkor Island on the next day.. :)

enjoying the sceneries~~

this is me n my brothe, Yusof.. we are listening to HIS mp3's . :)

aarrrrgghhh.. kinda berat kott the tali..~~

one. two . three . JUMP!
hahahhahahahaha.. :D

and well i captured the sunset..

ok the next day.. we packed and bring few clothes je because..
as yall know.. we go there by boat.. so everyhting kene 'angkat' sendiri..
so tak bole bwk byk2.. :P

our boat arrived around 2pm. :)
we leave from Marina Island's Jetty..
its nearer..
and it took about 15mins from there to Pangkor.

here we are.. Pangkor Jetty. :)
15mins later~~

then my brother's MANDI! ~~

but for myself..
i malash.. so just stay kt tepi and taking pixie ..
this is my 'kaki' kay .. :)

a boat passing thru~~

they splashed each other...

this hornbill was taken near our resort..
i thought hornbill ade dkt sarawak je..
damn a lotz kottt... :0

mat salleh pon byk.. ~~

ni dalam kerete.. yg sgt tak-cool.. :(
gggggrrr... be patient mariyamm..

DINNER~~ ikan bakar! every nite mkn ikan bakar..
nyuummyyy.. :)
ni time everyone dah habesh makan...


so he next day.. we visited the WHOLE pangkor..
the historical building and all~~

this one kat Dutch Fort. :)

my mama and daddy..

bye2.. Pangkor.. will see you AGAIN.. :)


the day we headed back.. ~~

again..the same old boat.. ~

dalam boat. :)

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