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TITLE --> 2nd day . MAK TOK
Sunday, March 20, 2011 | 10:00 PM | 0 comments

Today is the second day Mak Tok stayed here.. :)
oh yea.. lupe pulak.. Mak Tok came here all the way from Penang..
because.. Mak Tok . Oya . and Makcik Mimi are going for their Umrah on the 13th of March..
which was last week Sunday..

They decided to go Umrah last school holiday.. around Christmas..
but the Arab's cancel.. sbb ape ntah..
so they postpone to this school holiday on March..
THEY = includes my Pak Lang's family with Mak Tok . Oya and Makcik Mimi. :P

so they stayed here in our house for 2days now.


Last night.. me n my bro, Yusof.. decided nk tgk movie together..
well guess what movie?
its Tinkerbell. :) ..

i watched just BECAUSE my love Jesse McCartney has acted out
his voice as the 'main character'.. as TERENCE . :)

we watched it till 1.00 am kotttt..
damn sleepy.. *yawn..

then the next day.. which was today ( Saturday ) ..
i woke up damn late.. 'kinda'..
me n Yusof je... everyone dah woke up....
thats is soooooo ME.

i woke up around 9am.
and i didnt take a shower yet.
then my mom told me that Pak Ngah's family is on their way here..
i was like 'WHAT! ' ~~
grab my towels n showeeerr~~ -.-

few mins later.. they arrived..
Pak Ngah came early.. coz Sobby ade appointment about her braces..
so my cousins yg laen.. which is Zulaikha, Umar and Luqman stayed here ..
while Pak Ngah and Auntie Nana took Sobby to the hospital ... :)


Mama . mak tok and all the 'maids' are going to cook for lunch. :)
the menu's are .. AYAM , CURRY FISH , VEGIEs and loads more...

all the girls are UPSTAIRs..
tolong jugak.. but we helped Oya and Makcik Mimi searched everything bout Umrah..
all the surah's.. (mp3) .. and print it ..
WE all do the 'homework' :)

but then the guys... asyik2.. on lappie je..
if x maen game.. tgk movie.. -.-
LELAKI .. mmg cmtuh..


about 1pm.. mama called us from downstairs ~~

"EVERYONE! turun ~~ lunch is ready.. "


yeshhhhhh! makan time! eventho we didn't help anything..
hahahhahaha.. sorry.

btw.. the lunch was GREAT. and DELICIOUS. :)
no doubt. seriously.

by that time.. Pak Ngah , Auntie Nana and Sobby baru smpai..
so they lunch sekali..


after lunch.. we all rest and do Our prayer.. 'zohor'..
pastu almost 'everyone' masok dlm *OUR bilik..
*me n aishah's
ape lagi? air-cond pon dah on.. tido time la..
hahhaha.. :D

ade yg tido.. tgk korean drama la..
online la.. *FB , Twitter .. etc.
and chit-chatting.. pastu gelak2..
well... i miss u guys.. cousins.. :)

ni Umar.. facebook-ing.. -.-

SOBBY with her new 'attached' braces.. :) ..
ahhahaa.. cute je..


ni. Mak Tok and mama preparing for makan petang pulak.. ~~ :D

and buat birthday cake .. for Umar and Luqman.. :) their birthday was last week.. :)
ao my mom saje nk celebrate again.. rmai2..

Red velvet cake. :) i like ..

the birthday boys.. Luqman Harith - 8 years old
and Umar Saifuddin - 13 years old . :)

me potong the cakes..

happy lil boy.

hhahahhahahahha.. enuff Luqman..
Sobby cant stop laughing..~~


the day went GREAT ~~ one whole day with the families..
:D it has been long time since we are having gathering like this..
becoz Yusof , Lekah and Sobby kat MRSM.. :(
so school holiday je bole jumpe..

i had a great time..

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