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TITLE --> Grammys :)
Tuesday, February 15, 2011 | 4:38 PM | 0 comments

Yesterday.. 14.02.2011..

i got a WAKE UP CALL from madu! :) around 8am.. *still yawning..

wakey2!! its Grammy..

and i was like...uurrmmm.. haa. aaa *yawning* ..yea2..

open my eyes.. WIDE ~~ ..while yawning.. hahahhha.. :D

-.- go straight depan tv ..

RED CARPET!!! :O .. bukak2.. its GAGA.. -.- got a bunch of people carry her..

in that not-so-tiny egg.. she is such a FREAK ! :s

She just hatch from her egg.. :D to perform her new single..


Here are some lineups on red carpet :)

GLEE cast

Katy Perry

Biebs and Rihanna :)


Nicole Kidman :D

the AWESOME performances.. :D

Katy Perry!! :O She sang Teenage Dream .. and guess what??

Nicole Kidman sang along.. hahaahha.. so cute.. :)

Rihanna and Eminem - Love The Way u Lie

BRUNO MARS - Grenade. Nothin' On You

Cee Lo Green and Gwineth Paltrow :D 'forget you'

THE BEST among the best!! ..its JUSTIN BIEBER !!


GREAT performances back to back..

its Rihanna and Drake.. :)

and dont forget this!!!

THE FOLLOWIL's !! JARED !! :D as presenter.. with Miley.. awkward moment.. O.o


I think this year Grammys SUCKS. fullstop.

the judges was like... FFFFFFFFFF you. :O

the nominees was great! but the WINNERS.. i dont think so..

it kinda boring award EVER! but at least they had a great performances though..

so.. i was like 'terpakse' watch it till it ends.. gggrrrrr..

i woke up 'kinda' early.. just for this! ya knoe.. *sigh..

i wanna :'( for HIM..

he should win though..

FFFFck you Grammys

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