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TITLE --> Bukit Merah
Monday, March 21, 2011 | 9:12 PM | 0 comments

on the 16th of March 2011 .. we packed and headed to Bukit Merah! :)
weeeeeeee~~ the journey took about 4hrs...
arrived around noon...
mama ckp today x pyh g kt water world.. coz it'll be clossed by 6 ..
so rugi la..
better we go tomorrow..

we check-in at the near resort..
naik lift ~ went up till 3rd floor.. :)

we rest .. sampai da bosan dlm bilik.. -.-
then mama nk tgk movie..

at first.. mama tgk sorang2.. then.. ktr join mama..
da boring punye pasal..
the movie quite ok..
eventho.. i am not the type of malay-local -fan-movie .. -.-
ok la .. its like a musical movie.. :)
u guys shuld try to watch..

we finished watch the movie around 7pm.
then my dad told us to get ready for dinner..
WE decided to have our dinner dkt Taiping..
mkn fried Koew Teow.. DOLI :)

hahahha.. nice...~ my favvie.

hahahah. gile kjap. :P

after dinner.. we headed to Ayah AA's house kt Taiping in Lake View..
saje2 nk visit.. Atiyah n Ayah AA je ade..
Kak Yong, Kak Nyah and Wan Cik tade.. :(

but we talk and chit-chatting bout the 'studies'..
at least i have a lil bit idea what am i gonna pursue.. :)
sket je la..


then we went back to our resort or 'hotel' ..
we PRAYed and boooom..
go to sleep..
nitey nites..


the next day..
hahahhahahahahahha.. :D
woke up at 8am..
on TV. .. :)
and had our breakfast.
ROTI CANAI. #somalaysian

then we rest kjap before getting ready with all the swimming suits ~
nk pegi water world today.. yippie.. :D

the entrance.. :)

mama bought the tix for 4 adults and 1 children..
daddy x msok skali.. so it just mama and four of us.. :)

we played almost EVERYTHING there..
it was so much fun.. :D

and this is WET BUBBLEs..
max peeps to get into this thingy about 6 org je..
time = 5 mins.. :)

kinda rmai org that day.. since it was a school holiday~ -.-

ok ..this one was the MOST scariest of all..
mcm nk tercabot jantung dah..
nk jerit pon da habesh hilang my voice .. :O
btw.. this pic i took smewhere.. the person in this pic.. i donno him.k
just nk kasi pic~
the thing was like 'U' shaped..
damn SCARY kott..
errrrgghh.. but i naek twice.
hahahhahaha.. :D


the water world opened around 10am in the morning..
and WE was the first family to enter ..
and we went back to our hotel bout 3pm after
finish showering and changed back to our real attire..
not in our swimming suits da..
hheheehehehhe.. :)

otw to kereta.. :) bye. Bukit Merah. ~~

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