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Monday, May 16, 2011 | 7:57 AM | 0 comments

a DAY to remember!
Manchester United had won the 19th Barclay's Premier League
last Saturday nite. :) #soproudofthem
they just wowed Blackburn's fan at Ewood Park ..
i watched the match at kedai mamak near Giants ..
coz we had to shop something before that...
then continue watching it kat rumah.

these are some ACTIONs i've seen throughout the match!

Part Chicharito ber'doa'.. :P

After the penalty kicked my ROONEY..
awwwww.. Berbatov :')

when the referee whistle's FULL TIME!

Final whistle, and everyone ran for a group hug.. :')

Evra and Nani holding the fake trophy's .. HAHAHAH :D

CHAMPIONS for the 19th time! BEAT THAT LIVERfool ! :D

To Haters! be jealous! :)

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