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TITLE --> Birthday Stuff :)
Monday, April 4, 2011 | 12:00 AM | 0 comments

on the 17th of FEBRUARY..
its my birthday..
sorry for the late post.. :)
i jst took this pic few days ago..
im so bored..
this was so random..

and THANK YOU so much guys for the prezzie :D

the best EVER gift i've ever received!..
all the way from MANCHESTER :D
thank you kak TEE ! and you to BESTIE!
its a JUSTIN BIEBER t-shirt! aarrggghhhhhh!! :O

this one from ALYA ..
thax.. :) although im not a fan of Achie..
but hes cute though.. hehe.

a birthday card.. from my BELOVED friend :)
thanx a lot! i was so surprised that day.
and thanks for the DELICIOUS cake ever!

hahha.. this one from AMNAS :)
i never had a 'small lil pokok' as a birthday gift before..
thanks amnas.

AMAL gave it to me..
nice cute lil 'voodoo'. :)

thanks HANISAH :)
this one macam a small little bank..
u can put coins inside.. haha.

this one i received on the the DAY of SPM results..
from AIRINA :) aka DARREN's fan (ODD)
thank you so much..

cute lil card :)
me love it.

i got some more.. but ..
me lazy to take pixie da..
hehhehe.. lol.. and btw..

0 comment here ! :)

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