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TITLE --> Under The Mistletoe :)
Wednesday, November 2, 2011 | 11:37 AM | 0 comments

have you noticed?
i change my music player. its not Hole Inside anymore.
EHEH. sorry. addicted to Justin Bieber's new Christmas album. :)
btw. the song featuring here is The Christmas Song ft. Usher. enjoy.
soothing song. gave it to KAK TEE. lullaby for her today.
it works btw. she cant sleep. :P
good job BIEBER! :D hahahahah.

the song list.

hehehe. downloaded ALL.

cute album though.

goodluck BIEBS!

and yes. i love you too. :')
his spiky hair. OH GODD!!
smexxxyy! :D

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