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TITLE --> 11 Things About Me :)
Tuesday, May 14, 2013 | 12:37 PM | 4 comments

so she, cik NHAH tagged me ! haha :D

These are the rules and regulation ! ATTENTIOONNNN ! :D

1.Post this rules

2.Write 11 Things about yourself
3.Answer the question the tagger set for you.
4.Create 11 new questions for those you want to tag.
5.Choose 11 bloggers to be tagged and link them the post
6.You are not allowed to tag back.



1. My name is WAN Mariyam. and i really hate it when people call me WAN. lolz. and i am    very particular when someone spell my name wrongly ..please...its MARIYAM . :)
2. i really love music and photography. i'll try capture any random photos that i like and somehow it'll give back memories.
3. blog. i mean blogging is somehow i'm writing my own diary * publicly* . haha :D love it. and i love to read blogs.
4. i don't drink coffee, nescafe or any other drinks that have caffeine. i just really don't. even the smell of it isn't my taste. no offence though coffee lovers :)
5. i have a twin. but we are not identical. she's studying in UTHM *degree* now. 
6. i am very friendly and funny once you know me. haha. *yeaaa rite*
7. i would love to further studies in  LONDON *my dream since i was child*. i really love the cities and culture. inshaallah ONE DAY i'll be there. 
8. will get jealous easily. that's my weakness. lolz
9. when i call someone with a weird or unique name? it means i really like that person.  *take note* and i'm not that easy to call someone like that.
10. my favourite colour is RED and PURPLE. 
11. and last but not least i love JUSTIN BIEBER and ONE DIRECTION. :D 

11 Questions that i need to answer :) by  cik NHAH

1. Apa pandangan korang tentang blog saya?
    i loveeeeee to read your entry. and sangat jealous coz you have so damn many followers. :O haha

2. Benda apa yang paling paling korang tak suka? 
    cicak and semut. i'll be freaking out when i see those. euwwwww. 

3. Bila nak kahwin? dah ada calon ke?

    ohh. kahwin? after i finish my degree? diploma pon tk lepas lagi. lolz. calon? crush ade la. haha

4. Apa benda yang paling annoying korang rasa pasal saya?
    annoying? so far..tade rasenye :)

5. Apa favourite things yang dibuat time waktu lapang?

    if i'm not online..i'll read books. esp genre romantic. hee. my fav author is Nicholas Sparks. 

6. Still student or dah keje or both ?

   student lerrrrr...and SOON to be ENGINEER ! haha. insyaallah ..

7. Macam mana boleh involve dalam dunia blogger ni?

    i'm not sure and i cant remember. my first ever post was back then in 2009. haha. 

8. Apa yang menarik menjadi seorang blogger?

    menarik? well. firstly..bcoz i love it when someone read what i post and give a positive feedback.     thats the best thing being a blogger. 

9. Any advice to me? Positive or negative, I'll accept it :)

    keeeeeeeep on blogging ! heee. i'll always read your post. very interesting. 

10. Korang ada allergic dekat ape ape tak? kalau ada, ape die?

     well i dont think so. so far tade. alhamdulillah :)

11. Do you have any words to the people you will tagged later?

     please answer my question honestly and i hope we'll know each other more. heee. (Y)

ok. now here are theeee~

11 Questions that YOU need to answer :)

  1. What are the 3 things you'll do once you wake up? 
  2. Favourite colour and food? 
  3. The most embarrassing things happened to you.
  4. Your nickname among friends and family? 
  5. Place you would love to go on honeymoon or travel ?
  6. Favourite blogger ? Why? 
  7. Have you ever been jealous... like to the max? What kind of situation?
  8. What should i write in my blog entry in future ? about what? suggestion? heeeee
  9. If you ever woke up in someone *anyone* else body, who would you like to be? why? 
  10. What do you think of me ?
  11.  All time favourite singer/actor/actress/celeb crush? 

I hope you'll enjoy answer all my questions. and feel free to follow me on my future post. :)

11 LUCKIEST person i've tagged !

  1. Airina Syahirah
  2. Sobrina Shahar  
  3. Amirah Shuhada
  4. Ielalalalala :)
  5. Shezryna Shahrizal
  6. Naaaddd !
  7. Alya Nadlin
  8. Hazzzz
  9. Aishah ! lolz
  10. Amnasss
  11. last but not madu  ♥ 

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