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Saturday, November 5, 2011 | 9:44 AM | 0 comments

YESTERDAY. i went to One Utama with Aishah, and my two lil bros.
we watched IN TIME. it was 2nd time i watched the movie btw.
and 'coincidentally' terjumpe Munirah and her family.
we watched the same movie in the same cinema.
HAHAHAH. :D funny aite?
and i just bought JOE BROOK's EP today at Rock Corner.
it is called A REASON TO SWIM. :)

i've been listening to it. and still #onREPLAY. hehhe :) his voice was so soothing.
and cute. cant stop listen to it. im enjoying it.


and as you all know.
im addicted to twitter. :) #proud
while i was tweeting yesterday.
i look up to JOE BROOK's twitter profile. and i saw this! :D

he just RTed me!!!
he just made my day!!
because of him. i forgot everything about my result.
thank you. :')
heart you. love you. xoxoxo

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