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TITLE --> PPL settle.
Sunday, November 20, 2011 | 7:43 PM | 0 comments

ok. today about PPL dah settle.. damn tired doohh! -.-
my leg mcm nk patah dah.. lenguh gilaaa..
and the part i HATE THE MOST was .. when the students called me kakak/akak?
WTF. kau igt aku ni tua sgt la.. kau lagi tue doh. -.-
haiiihhh. sabo jelaaaa..
nvm.. i dont mind lahh. *let bygone be bygone* ..
while PPL was dijalankan..
btw.. i was assigned to be in charge in giving all the borangs to the student..
which college are they staying. and so on..
and.. while tgh bertugas..
i saw Turtle and Mimi :') ..
lame gila tk jumpe.. sorry tk prasan korang tadi.. bz sgt.
and jumpe kk yong.. Azli.. And GULL. *lagi la tk prasan.. terkejot gila*
HAHAH. funny though.. :D
hehehe. not bad la.. but everything dah settle :)
relief kot!

but.. :'(
my besties and classmates semua dkt DELIMA.
frust and tension gila..
idk how i wanna study without them. :(

but.. dorang untunglaa HAPY semua ade kat sane..

maybe this is WHY! :'(


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