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Sunday, December 4, 2011 | 8:35 PM | 0 comments

oh. HELLO :)
this is random post.
actually i dont know what to write. but i feel like blogging after read Nisa's blog.
*cute blog* love it.

ok. first thing first.
yesterday. i slept *menompang je* @ wawa's room. :)
went around 12am++ then...
after a few chit-chatting.. we slept @ 3am.

damn sleepy. and thax for the "selimut" wawa! :)
it was a heavy rain last night..
i woke up around 9am.
and it was stil raining..
*continue to sleep*..
then TERjage @ 9.15am.
suddenly .. i remembered about the 'photoshoot' @bilik gerakan zamrud.
we were suppose to be there by 10am.

GOSH! then i rushed.. packed and quietly left wawa's room. :)
OMG. i was soo sleepy. still yawning by then.

so . we all arrived around 10am++ heheheh.
biaselahhh.. pompuan.. :P

and now. im still @ wawa's.
pi delima .. semua tade. klua.. -.-
when i was there everyone tade.
when i was so fcking BUSY la nk carik aku.
*sod ba ro*

nevermind. redha je laaaa..

oh! and fyi i've watched OMBAK RINDU :')
you guys should go watch it! :D
and i LOVVVVVVVVVVEEE this part

hehe. sweeeet :')

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