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TITLE --> A big SIGH.
Tuesday, December 13, 2011 | 12:25 PM | 0 comments


I don’t know what happened between us. :’( ..

Ooppppss.. I did it again. DID I?

OMG. I seriously don’t understand you now.

Lately.. I KNOW.. I’ve been busy with meeting and etc.

Cant hang out often like we always do. You think I want all of this?


Sorry. This doesn’t mean I am mad at you. NO. NOT AT ALL.

Im just not in the mood lately. I just need someone talk to. Especially YOU.

Please understand me. I really need you rite now. YOUR SUPPORT.

Please? Lately I don’t text you. But that doesn’t mean I don’t care. I DO CARE!

I seriously hate it . when you replied with an ‘okay’… it pissed me off.

It shows that you malas nk layan i. L

I know. I am NO longer FUN to you. But at least .. please.. understand me.

And don’t get it wrong. We are friends. Okay?

I don’t want because of THIS we are no longer friends. This is way too ‘NOT GOOD’.

I just don’t like it.

Because of meeting up with the. Eerrr.. the ‘peoples’ .. I get lotsa new friends too.

Maybe they are the one that can understand me at the moment..

That’s what I felt right now.


And one more.. please.. you are not the only have feelings. I DO have feelings.

I am a touchy and jealous person. I admit that.

So please don’t make it obvious and worst for me.

But at least please reply my text.

If this continue.. ok. I don’t mind. I will let it be.

I don’t know if you really do care about me or not.

Nevermind... I’ll find someone like you.

Someone that can really understand me, laugh and cry with me.

A best FRIEND.

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