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Thursday, December 22, 2011 | 10:47 AM | 0 comments


Weeeeeeeee~~ thax for the surprise Amir and Dahlia.

Thax for coming all the way from Perak and KL.

And good job Munirah and Aznil for keeping the secret. HAHA. :D

Btw, it was an awesomeness experience ever!

I had lotsa great time. And I’ve enjoyed myself. Seriously.

The BEST so far! J lotsa drama but still I love it.

Eventhough it was kinda short meeting you guys.. but im still satisfied and so touched you guys

Can come. Never came across my mind you guys will come here.

We went to the Batu Feriggi and swam by the sea. HOOOYYEAAAAHH!

AND we rode the banana boat. Weeeeeeeeeeee~~

Had fun. LOTSA fun! Hehehehehe.

And the part fara almost drown. OMG. Cant forget that part.

And the "shivering" couple . HAHAH.

Aqil, Amir and Aznil

Dahlia, Fara and Munirah :P

Thax munirah, aqil, dahlia, fara, amir and aznil for the BEST moment I’ve ever had.

Heheheheh. WE should do this again. Gempak weeeyyyhhh!

*Muni tgh tension tk dapat mkn lagi :P *

'shivering' couple .

Fara drove kancil that day. :)


HAAAHHH!! this is the car ..

we traveled the whole island thax to you KANCIL :)..


PS: cant see any pics of me? coz i AM the photographer. HAHA.

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