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Saturday, December 24, 2011 | 10:20 PM | 0 comments

3rd program DONE! J


A day lotsa FUN? Maybe is a YES. Hahahahah.

First. It was Bby Nisa’s 18th Birthday. :D

me and bday girl :)

Happy 18th GIRL! .. skyped with her. And sang the birthday song.

Unfortunately .. I cant end the song.. thax to internet connection got problems . -.-‘

HAHA. Nvm. But I seriously cant believe it. I just sang a song. OMG. *embarrassed*.. LOL

And again have a blast and welcome to the 8teeeeens.

You are now an ADULT. And OLD. Bahahahahaa. *no offence though*

Well. . . . the day goes on with the 3rd JPK A’s program.

me and WAWA :)

me and my rommies :) nadia f.


Actually.. it was just a BACAAN YAASIN. But we includes a talk and berjemaah solat hajat. J

All in all. Everything went well. Heee~ and I’ve done my part .

the crowd in PI

and this is my first time being a secretary in a program.

The last 2 program .. I was in charge with the food. Ordering.

Setting the tables for VIPs.

Eerrr. I felt a lil awkward today. Hehehe. Btw .. I had lotsa fun today.

“exco makanan” ordered chicken fried rice.

the peeps :D

We all had our dinner together after the program ended.

AWESOME ! thax .. I hope we don’t get any “ FIRE FIRE FIRE “ thing.

Hahahaha. Just kidding. Tired but its fun. *tipu tipu*

And after done with dinner. We packed and tidy everything up and

went to bilik gerakan to keep all the caterings things.

Back in my room 10mins later. Nisa called me. J

And OMG. I sang a birthday song to her AGAIN. Eerrrr. Damn.

It was so awkward and EMBARRESSing moment. *blush blush*

HAHAHA. Nvm . everything for birthday girl. once a year rite? AHAHA. Have a blast.

May ALLAH bless you with great health. And THAT SMILE !

keep it. J “kinda” cute and sweet.


ok this one EXTRA je :

* alif and shah busybody! * :D HAHA.

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