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TITLE --> 1st day of 2012 :)
Sunday, January 1, 2012 | 7:10 PM | 0 comments

a day to start with a smile. :)
HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone. "2012"
yesterday.. i had a fever.. kinda bad.
slept for hours after i ate my med. lol
and today.. i feel better than yesterday...
my fever dah cool down.


and fyi..
today... i went to my Pak Lang's new house.
"house warming".. they just moved.
their new house is in Putra Heights.
almost everyone is here..
mak tok's side... (mama's side)

had lotsa FUN today.
gotta chit chat with my coussiieeesss. heeee~
and my auntieeess.

the pools kat level3 :)

me, sobby and aishah are watching the tv. :P lol

sobby jage baby. :D

the carsssss. :P

belakang tu hall actually. kay? :)

hheheh. then..around 6pm we're off to our home.

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